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Handover And King’s Ransom comes To King Street Alexandria

Handover and King’s Ransom opened at a well-known corner in Old Town Alexandria that was home to many a variety of themes and pubs over the years. They offer a passel of options with a Japanese flair. And upstairs there are lush cocktails. Co-owner Teddy Kim said, "Growing up in the area, this has always been an iconic corner. It’s right in the heart of King Street. We loved the building, loved the location, so we brought in an architect, measured the space, and started to play around with concepts."
The shrimp tempura roll is one of the highlights of The Handover
According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "From avocado to bulgogi, the Handover’s menu is small but mighty. The options, chosen by Chef Melvin Urrutia, cover the gamut of familiar favorites and further-flung items, hewing to a minimalist theme rather than a kitchen-sink approach. “You might have a spicy tuna roll, which is not the one that’s all filled up with sriracha mayonnaise and all that,” said co-owner Ian McGrath. Rather, the roll sports tuna, sesame chili oil, and Japanese spice blend – with no fillers."
Upstairs, the King’s Ransom offers a posh bar with innovative cocktails
As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "And then there’s King’s Ransom, the upstairs space formerly occupied by Todd Thrasher’s PX. Gone are the days of secret passwords and limited customers; in its place is a more accessible space that eschews formality but maintains high standards. The cocktail menu offers something for everyone, from tiki-style drinks to a reformatted classic Manhattan. The King’s Ransom also brought in a Toki highball machine that creates filtered sparkling water that’s three times as carbonated as champagne, Schott says. The combination of an innovative menu and such tricks of the trade as that highball machine leads to some interesting results."

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