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Alexandria City Public Schools Students To Sit Three Feet Closer

Students at Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia will be sitting 3 feet closer to each other in classrooms after the school board reversed the superintendent’s previous decision of staying 6 feet apart. Superintendent Gregory Hutchings sent a message to families earlier this week that students will remain 6 feet apart, despite the CDC’s advice to reduce the space to 3 feet. Hutchings’ decision was made without input from the Alexandria City School Board. As per, "Erika Melman, parent of a second-grade student, said when she read the announcement, she was furious because of how much her child has struggled with virtual learning. Melman said the right move is to reduce the distance to 3 feet for more space to accommodate students back in the classroom. Hutchings did not directly address the controversy, but he did speak shortly before the school board voted to repeal his decision. “We are committed to bringing back as many students as we can, 3 feet is going to allow us to do that,” he said. The school system will adopt 3 feet inside classrooms this academic year."

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